02 Nov

Do we really need more than 1000 watts of amplifier power?

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We found that the system sounds better with more amplifier power - and we think we know why:

A good quality recording of a typical rock music track has a dynamic range of 21dB or more. That means the peaks in the music are 21dB higher than the average sound level. Each increase of 3dB requires double the power. so to play the peaks need 128 (2 raised to the power of 7) times the average power. That means if you're listening at an average of 10 watts then the amplifier needs to provide 128 times 20 watts to reporduce the peaks accurately - 1,280 watts. So yes, better to have a few thousand watts on hand! Fortunately these music peaks are very short indeed so the house fuses don't blow, and the drivers don't burn out. And we're convinced it sounds better, especially when you're playing LOUD...

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