02 Oct

Why a ring-radiator 29mm tweeter?

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We use a ring-radiator tweeter rather than a dome tweeter because of it's better dispersion of high-frequencies throughout the listening room.

With increasing sound frequency all drivers go directional and start to beam the sound out towards the front rather than broadcasting to the whole room. Also, larger drivers go directional before smaller ones. With all drivers but the tweeter, crossover frequencies are chosen so these drivers don't reach this point of directionality. The tweeter, though, has no upper crossover so only the small size of the diaphragm prevents excessive directionality at frequencies near the upper end of the audible range. But, large drivers need less cone movement to create a given SPL, and therefore create less distortion. The "normal" tweeter is a 25mm dome. which is generally the best compromise. But because the ring-radiator design has better sound dispersion than a dome for a given size, we can go for a larger 29mm tweeter whilst achieving the required sound dispersion and benefit form the lower distortion that the larger diaphragm brings.

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