Join us at the North West Audio Show

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on 24 June 2017
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Join us in Room 10 at the North West Audio Show and see our latest fully active Speakers with Digital Sound Processing - that tailors every speaker's diet of frequencies to the sweet-spot of optimal reproduction.

Have you heard the HiFi you dream of owning - but don't want to pay anywhere near a six-figure sum for a HiFi system?

Colman Audio are pleased to announce the UK launch of their CA300 Hi-end 4-way sound system - Hi-End sound at a fraction of the cost of comparable sounding systems.

Bring your own music on a CD, phone, or Udisk and find out what your favourite music really sounds like on top-end, cutting edge technology 

Looking forward to showing you the really latest available technology creating the best sound that you've ever heard at affordable and sensible pricing

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