CA300 - System description

The CA300 range of Hi Fi audio systems is a series of high end audio amplifiers, driving high quality and specially selected drivers in modern cabinets to give the very best audio performance available today. 

You can play your favourite music from your smart phone, iPod or tablet or conventionally by connecting DVD or other audio devices directly into the pre-amplifier with cables and sit back controlling everything from the comfort of your armchair

The CA300 uses the very latest digital DSP technology to create the very best high-end performance at mid-range prices


The CA300 is an active speaker system:

The crossover is before the power amplifiers – so each of the 8 drivers has its own dedicated amplifier and its own speaker cable

The crossover is digital DSP - no passive crossovers

The speaker system is mains powered.

The system input is provided from a pre-amplifier with balanced XLR outputs – we recommend the Rotel RC-1570. 

This provides the user interface with the system providing:

  • Analogue inputs e.g. CD Player, TV system, home theatre
  • Turntable input for MM cartridges
  • Digital inputs for computer audio, media streamers etc.
  • Bluetooth input
  • Remote control for input select and Master volume control etc.


Technical details

The Colman Audio CA300 is an active, 4-way, powered stereo speaker system.

All components are selected for lowest harmonic distortion giving crystal clear sound reproduction at all volume levels.

The system operates as a high accuracy, low distortion, sound transducer for the audible frequency range. It plays all genres of music, speech, and movie soundtracks with total authority.

The 29mm tweeter is a ring-radiator design with improved dispersion of sound into the listening room. It exhibits extremely low distortion throughout it's frequency range.

The 3” soft-dome, all-important mid-range voice driver is chosen for it’s wide frequency range and extremely low distortion to give absolute clarity on even the most challenging vocals.

The 10” aluminium cone woofer is lighweight with a low-stiffnes suspension for optimal response and minimum deistortion in the lower-mid frequencies. This characteristic is essential to accurately reproduce the lower harmonics of male vocals, but limits the speakers fidelity at very low frequencies.

The 12” sub-woofer is a reference grade hi-fi driver fully integrated with the main cabinet speaker system using DSP - it is full a part of the HiFi speaker system.

The CA300 uses an external digital crossover, individually tailoring each driver’s response ensuring each driver only operates in it’s optimum frequency band. This cannot be achieved with conventional passive crossovers as used in 99% of commercially available speakers.


Treble                            1” Soft dome ring radiator

Mid-range                       3” Soft-dome ultra-low distortion

Bass                             10” Aluminium curvilinear driver

Sub-woofer                   12” Aluminium cone

Frequency range            30Hz – 20kHz

Amplification                 Twin CA 4 channel DSP ClassD power amplifiers 2,500w p/c into 4ohms.

Dimensions                   Main speaker 1050x390x350 (h,d,w)

                                   Sub-woofer      350x600x350 (h,d,w)

Finish                           Standard finish: Gloss Black painted

Speaker Cables              Speakon connectors, 4mm copper core

Input cable                   Balanced XLR



Pre-Amplifier                    Rotel RC-1570

Equipment rack                Glass/steel shelf stand for amplifiers, pre-amp and sources